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Commercial Services

From small retail shops to high-rise offices, Advanced Virtual Surveillance can cover a wide range of security needs. As your company grows and your needs change, AVS provides an ever growing selection of security equipment to maintain your security. Stop wasting your time worrying about Burglary, Robbery, High Insurance Costs, Vandalism, Critical Equipment Failure, Industrial Espionage, Disgruntled Employees, Internal Theft and Arson.

Keep an eye on your business. AVS expertly installs security systems that have the ability to be integrated into one system in order to take care of all you security concerns. Our tailored systems are able to detect intrusion, report the exact type and location of an emergency, and control and supervise access into, out of and within your premises. To help safeguard your business from burglary and robbery, AVS maintains and monitors a wide range of security products, including perimeter and interior detection devices. Our systems are affordable and cater to your business, whether it is big or small.

The benefits of security surveillance systems include:

  • Additional set of eyes to watch over your property
  • Burglary and robbery deterrent
  • Increase productivity
  • Protect against false insurance claims
  • Reduce employee theft
  • Reduce inventory shrinkage
  • Reduce shoplifting
  • Use as employee training tool

Our security experts are competent in the complete range of devises available and will design a system that meets your needs. With a quality security system from (company name), you can focus more on growing your business and enjoy the rewards of a profitable business while knowing your business is protected. Call 972-331-1065 and speak to our business security experts that will help create a security system that will protect your company while providing you with critical data important for improving your business.

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