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Access Control System

  • Door Locks
  • Electric Door Strikes Electromagnetic Locks
    Electric Door Controller Magnetic Door Controller
    Being fail locked (fail-secure) for free exit applications and holding force of 634kg (1,400 lbs) or 906kg (2,000 lbs) for fire rated applications, this is the perfect solution for commercial or an industrial application. Solid construction electromagnetic locks providing years of maintenance-free operation.  Using a dual voltage of 12-24 VDC and a holding force of 680kg (1,500 lbs) this is a great choice for commercial use such as office buildings.

  • Card Readers
  • Slim Design Prox Reader Proximity Card Reader Stylish Prox Reader
    Slim design access control prox card reader Access control proximity card reader Prox card reader for access control system
    With a slim design, it is made to fit almost everywhere. Outdoor or indoor, a very stylish yet powerful card reader for any access control system. Tamper-proof proximity card readers for indoor use.  Suitable for any indoor office use.  A stylish, color changing prox card reader that attracts attention, yet powerful and tamper-proof to provide the security level required for any access control system.

  • Keypads
  • Slim Design with Keypad Keypad & Card Reader Industrial Grade
    Access Control Keypad Access Control Full Keypad Black Access Control Keypad
    Offering programmable PIN transmission formats, LED control and tamper detection, it provides extra security and flexibility .  Come rain or shine, this unit can handle the challenge, with its rugged slim design, metallic housing and waterproof enclosure for maximum durability. Anti-vandal controller with a unique combination of metal keys and a built-in-heater, preventing the keys from freezing and keeping the unit functional in very low temperatures. Offering programmable PIN transmission formats, LED control and tamper detection for extra security and flexibility.  With its rugged ultraviolet-resistant housing and waterproof enclosure it is weather and waterproof.  Backlit keypad also makes it ideal for day or night time use.

  • Request to Exit
  • Piezoelectric REX Outdoor Application Industrial Grade
    piezo electric push to exit (REX) for access control system Push To Exit Button Automatic Request To Exit
    Stylish, stainless steel, piezoelectric touch sensitive request to exit button. Great to fit in any decor.  Just touch the green square and the door is opened and the green light will change to red to indicate door has been opened.  Easy to use for momentary release of fail-safe or fail-secure electric or magnetic locks.  Spring loaded exit button on a stainless steal plate. Touch-free request to exit, great to application where REX is not an option.

  • Biometric Access
  • Biometric Fingerprint, Pin and Card Reader Fingerprint Exclusive Biometric
    Fingerprint Biometric, pin and card reader for access control system  
    Security is very important, with a combination of fingerprint and card or fingerprint and pin, or in a secure mode, a fingerprint, pin and card is required to gain access.  Great for server rooms, storage rooms and highly secure areas. Currently AVS does not provide a fingerprint exclusive reader.  We are in process of testing few models and will be adding them to our product list shortly. Thank you for your patience.

  • Benefits

  • At AVS, we strive to be different than the competition, we do this by using superior quality equipment, easy to use, as well as including our customer-service. Whether you are looking for access control system for one door, ten doors or 500-doors, AVS can help you design a solution. At AVS we can integrate your new access control system with video surveillance system for even a more secured solution. So from here on, not only can you validate the identity of the person entering the access controlled area, but you are also able to see them in the surveillance camera system all at once without having to switch systems. Integration of security camera systems and access control system is made very easy when using AVS. For a complete security solution, including Monitored Burglar Alarm Systems, Security Cameras, IP Cameras, Megapixel or Analog Cameras, Access Control Systems and Audio/Video solutions, contact AVS at 972-331-1065.